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    Common yet Forgotten Culprits of Acne

    Ever notice recurring patterns of pimples of the sides of your face? Common household items and daily practices may be to blame…


    It’s easy to want to plop down on a pillow and unwind after a long day, but be sure that it’s clean! Oils from your hair and face accumulate in the fibers making your pillow a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria.  Aim to wash your pillowcases at least once a week and consider switching to a satin one. Satin pillowcases are a great alternative to cotton ones, since they won’t create sleep lines on your face that could turn into permanent wrinkles later on. The satin material also won’t deplete your skin and hair of moisture.


    Hair products

    The same products that make your hair glossy can leave pore-clogging grease on your face if you’re not careful to keep your hair away. When applying hair products such a sprays and serums, be sure that they don’t come into contact with your facial skin.


    Almost no one is without a smartphone these days but the sizable screen may be a source of chronic acne. Sebum and makeup are transferred to the screen whenever you press your phone to your face and cause a bacterial build-up. Not to mention all the places where your phone is placed (or dropped) throughout the day! Wipe down your mobile device with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol weekly to kill bacteria.


     Touching your face

    You probably already know to not pick pimples when they occur. Most people however would be surprised if they counted how many times their hands mindlessly touched their face over the course of a day.  Bacteria thrive on hands under fingernails. Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands frequently throughout the day and try to keep your hands away from your face.


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