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    Prepare and Protect your Skin this Winter

    Worried about your skin this season? As temperatures drop, the harsh air causes the moisture content in you skin to deplete. Common winter skin woes include dull, dry skin that lacks a healthy glow. Read on to learn how to combat cold weather through choosing the right products for your skin.

    The secret to healthy seasonal skin is promoting regular cell renewal. It’s important to find an exfoliant that’s effective at removing dead skin cells without being harsh or abrasive. Our Micro C Exfoliant is a 2 part crystal exfoliation product that reveals fresh, glowing skin after one application. Lactic acid and Vitamin E hydrate and bring moisture into the skin, making it an essential exfoliant when fighting the elements.

    A supremely hydrating moisturizer is necessary in colder months. Look for a product that contains rich antioxidants and vitamins that heal and nourish your skin. Boost the effects of your moisturizer by first applying a serum containing hyaluronic acid. HA is a potent provider of skin hydration as it holds 1000 times its weight in water. Adding a moisturizer on top enhances the humectant properties of HA, making an amazing combination to protect against dry, dehydrated skin.



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