The Story

``I didn’t know it then, but looking back I could see that I was destined to create my own corrective skincare line because I was so focused, so dedicated to helping my clients look and -- more importantly — feel beautiful.``

Many of the top skin care companies were founded by women. Elaine Sterling is throwing her hat — and her creams — into the beauty care ring and joining this distinguished group of beauty specialists by introducing her skincare line, Elaine Sterling Skincare.

“I have lived all over the world and had so many life experiences that they couldn’t be contained in one country and western song. I’d need a whole CD,” she says with a laugh. “I’ve gone through Stage 2 breast cancer, two marriages, spinal meningitis, bell’s palsy, and bringing up 2 children as a single mother. Of course, this made me a stronger person, but more importantly it helped me realize my calling in life. I am a licensed and experienced aesthetician incorporating my life journey into everything I do. These experiences called me to create a results-oriented skin care line that assists in restoring your skin to its natural glory.”

After growing up in South Africa, Taiwan, Australia and the U.S., Ms. Sterling calls herself a “global nomad.”  Never one for academics, she convinced her parents to send her to Beauty Therapy College where she continued her professional development by graduating from Madge Wallace International College of Skincare & Body Therapy, a renowned beauty and image training school in Johannesburg.

Armed with her degrees and a desire to see the world, she started her career at the prestigious Sandton Sun Spa and Beacon Island resorts where she learned hands on what women want and need in order to protect their skin from such negative aspects as sun damage, pollutants and free radical damage.

“I didn’t know it then, but looking back I could see that I was destined to create my own corrective skincare line because I was so focused, so dedicated to helping my clients look and — more importantly — feel beautiful. I wanted to find the keys that would make it happen.”

Eventually Ms. Sterling landed in Atlanta where she worked with Spa Sydell, one of Atlanta’s first day spas dedicated to skin care and health.  Before long, she was the lead therapist and discovered a gift for speaking, writing and teaching esthetics. As Atlantans discovered the benefits of regular skin care and spa days, Spa Sydell blossomed and soon she was teaching more than 400 therapists in seven locations.

A bout with cancer changed her life and she decided to strike out on her own. “The six rounds of chemo and radiation therapy ravaged my body and mind and as I left my last radiation treatment, I vowed to change my life. I couldn’t change my hairstyle as so many women do when they need a change — I had no hair! So I broke up with my boyfriend, quit my job and went to work for an undergraduate school to hone my skills as a teacher with the desire to truly mold students into a career as polished estheticians and spa professionals.”

In 2008, during the deep economic downturn, Ms. Sterling was so confident that she was on the track to her destiny, she opened The Elaine Sterling Institute a 1,800 square foot office space in Sandy Springs with a credit card and a prayer. She had several goals for her students. She wanted her school to be respected worldwide for having both the European tradition of skincare partnered with the latest American equipment technology. She wanted to offer both ITEC and CIDESCO certifications so her students could travel the world and be known as internationally recognized spa professionals.

“I started with post graduate education classes offering laser training and many other short one to five day classes for licensed professionals to improve their skills and stay current with industry trends,” she says. “But I realized that for a true skin care experience, one must start at the beginning with the cleansing routine. It’s not just one treatment or one product. It’s a series of steps and products that produce the desired results.”

She then started with a 1,000-hour undergraduate esthetician program with six students and took on the daunting task of accreditation and the financial aid process. In 2014 she introduced her 600 hour nail care program and in 2016, the institute will start offering massage therapy. Today more than 140 future estheticians are learning the secrets to flawless skin.

But of course, Ms. Sterling wasn’t going to stop there because while technique is important, the products can make all the difference. She took all her years of experience and created Elaine Sterling Skincare designed to produce results-oriented treatments in a spa environment.

“Our corrective skincare line produces results without irritation and utilizes powerful botanicals, vitamins and peptides to reduce inflammation and restore the skin to its natural glory,” she says. “Of course, as in medicine, skincare and, really life in general, the first thing is to “do no harm”. We not only “do no harm,” we do tons of good. Our corrective skincare line rescues and restores your skin.”

Elaine Sterling Skincare, which is available at, features cleansers, moisturizers and products such as the vitamin C serum and collagen eye cream that re-stores your skin to a youthful glow.

“Yes, it is true that having beautiful skin results from several things, genetics, healthy living, eating right and using the right products that produces the right results,” she says. “And that is why I created the Elaine Sterling Skincare line. Estheticians are an important part of the solution to beautiful skin.”

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