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“What would you like to change about your skin?”

This is always the first question I ask new clients, as soon as they walk in the door. After all, most of the time, they wouldn’t be walking through the spa door if they didn’t have problematic skin. Clients explain their issues, “too oily,” “forehead break outs”, “dry, sagging skin,” and I do my best to assign an esthetic treatment to meet their needs. While the treatments in the spa are beneficial, long lasting results greatly depend on the at-home daily skincare routine. There is only so much an esthetician can do in one treatment that can counteract the damage from the everyday use of an irritating cleanser.

After years of engaging in skincare dialogues with clients and students, I came to the realization that our conventional views about skincare are not healthy, or accurate. Most of us are under the impression that redness and irritation signify that a product or treatment is working. We accept these conditions as the price to be paid for younger looking, glowing skin. I cannot stress enough that this mindset, simply put, is wrong. Irritated skin does not have to be a fact of life.

I could start the introduction of my line by listing all of the amazing active ingredients, but I want to start by telling you what it doesn’t have.  In order for a skincare line to be the most effective, it has to start from a place of healing and soothing; “First do no harm”. Our products do not contain common irritants including fragrances, dyes, parabens, and ascorbic acid (the most common form of Vitamin C).  We leave out excessive ingredients, and only keep what is essential to heal, soothe, protect, renew, and restore the skin.

Many of our active ingredients work as anti-inflammatory agents, to reduce irritation and increase moisture retention, which are the root causes of a variety of skin problems from acne to hypersensitivity. Our line is bursting with powerful actives and botanical extracts that are not available in any other commercial skincare lines. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, uva ursi, acai extract, and peptides are just some of the unique ingredients in the Elaine Sterling Skincare line that work with the skin to stimulate growth and rehabilitate dry, damaged, or oily skin.

Our packaging has easy to follow indicators of products that are best suited for particular skin types or conditions. Unlike conventional skincare products, we designed ours with the intention of layering one product on top of another to provide the greatest amount of active ingredients working together, without oily or gooey residues. Cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers can be mixed and matched to form a specific line suited to an individual’s skin. I have utilized my 25+ years of esthetic experience to craft a line that is effective yet non-irritating. “I give you a line that works, this is my gift to you”.

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