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    Elaine Sterling

    Elaine Sterling is a true visionary and innovator within the spa and skin care industry. Having worked with clients and their skin issues for many years, she created a truly supportive cosmeceutical skin care line that would uphold the integrity of the skin.

    Elaine Sterling
    Elaine Sterling Skincare

    Brand Story

    Elaine took all her years of experience and created Elaine Sterling Skincare designed to produce results-oriented treatments in a spa environment.

    “I didn’t know it then, but looking back I could see that I was destined to create my own corrective skincare line because I was so focused, so dedicated to helping my clients look and — more importantly — feel beautiful. I wanted to find the keys that would make it happen.”

    “Our corrective skincare line produces results without irritation and utilizes powerful botanicals, vitamins and peptides to reduce inflammation and restore the skin to its natural glory,” she says. “Of course, as in medicine, skincare and, really life in general, the first thing is to “do no harm”. We not only “do no harm,” we do tons of good. Our corrective skincare line rescues and restores your skin.”

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